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1.  Revolution: Buy 6 months and get 2 doses free!

2.  Frontline TriTak: Mail in rebate available. Buy 6 months and get $15.00 back! OR buy 3 months and get $7.00 back!

3.  Certifect: Mail in rebate available. Buy 6 months get $12.00 back! OR buy 3 months and get $5.00 back!

4.  Rimadyl: Rimadyl has a new Rimadyl Rewards Program.  Vistit to check it out! Earn points that = $'s!

Don't forget to get your pet on pet insurance plan as soon as possible. You can save yourself money and stress, and more importantly make sure your pet gets the care he/she needs no matter the cost. Click on one of the links below to find out more.

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