Office Diva

Daphne has been a member of Northern Oaks Bird & Animal Hospital for approximately 8 years. Her position involves training new employees to adhere to her demands and managing the flow of paperwork. Her daily routine involves breakfast with Kristen. Then its on to reception where she is needed to assist in checking in patients. She then moves on to Amy’s lap for loving. Luckily Amy and Leah are well trained. Leah sometimes needs her assistance in holding down paperwork. Daphne obliges only because she knows she will then rub her head. Her assistance is always needed upstairs. The “manager” needs assistance with her paperwork as well. Daphne has stated that she is not sure the manager could accomplish anything if she weren’t in the middle of her desk through the morning. By mid-day she graces reception with her presence again. The afternoon is spent sunning by the window and watching the birds. If the receptionists are getting out of hand she assists again by sitting on their papers. She is incredibly busy, as you can see. Northern Oaks would likely fall apart without her assistance. There is even a song about her.