Kitten Greeter Emeritus (2009-2020 RIP)

Samuel is the most handsome and loved cat in the hospital. He has been with Northern Oaks since he was about five. He is the Official Kitten Greeter of the hospital. He delights in showing the new kids around the treatment area and making them feel safe. Samuel was abandoned and thus he knows how very scary it can be in a new place. He enjoys the company of the team. He has recently expanded his territory to the reception area and upstairs on the manager’s desk. They love it when he knocks their papers off the desk or steals their food. He is given treats on request and loves having his head scratched. He receives the most amazing hair style by Dr. Byrd and has been featured on our website and emails numerous times. When his roaming and kitten greeting have been done for the day, he retires to his perch to watch over the treatment area. He is always willing to eat and will accompany anyone that offers. He is a really nice guy.