Office Diva Emeritus (2009-2021)

Daphne has been a member of Northern Oaks Bird & Animal Hospital for approximately 8 years. Her position involves training new employees to adhere to her demands and managing the flow of paperwork. Her daily routine involves breakfast with Kristen.


Kitten Greeter Emeritus (2009-2020)

Samuel is the most handsome and loved cat in the hospital. He has been with Northern Oaks since he was about five. He is the Official Kitten Greeter of the hospital. He delights in showing the new kids around the treatment area and making them feel safe.


Feline Freeloader

Cranberry joined the Northern Oaks Staff in November of 2017 as a pregnant stray. It was soon discovered that Cranberry was not pregnant, but simply suffered from parasite overload. She has lived in the hospital since that time as a foster kitty until she can enter her new home with Dr.