UPDATE – Response to Governor Abbott’s Plan

We Are OPEN With Modifications for Safety

Northern Oaks Bird & Animal Hospital | COVID-19 RESPONSE UPDATE Phase 5

Northern Oaks Bird & Animal Hospital will be continuing our current practice model to ensure we can maintain a safe social distance.

WE REMAIN DIVIDED INTO TWO NON-OVERLAPPING TEAMS TO MINIMIZE CROSS CONTAMINATION. Please request your preferred doctor when you schedule as our teams will be working alternating days.

See our news interview for more details on the steps we are taking to protect your health and maintain safety during this rapidly changing time:

Northern Oaks Bird & Animal Hospital Is a Safe Place

With San Antonio under directives to maintain social distance, wear a mask and limit interactions, our team is committed to maintaining a safe environment for our clients, our team and the pets we treat. We are making the adjustments necessary to assure we will all stay healthy. This keeps your family safe and allows our team to be available to serve your pets. We continue to utilize hospital grade disinfection and sanitation procedures and have added additional precautions for the safety of all involved in order to provide uninterrupted care for our patients. Please be sure to request the doctor of your choice as we will be working an alternating schedule. You will be seeing Team Drama Llama or Team Alpacalypse.

News Release on KSAT.COM

For Our Valued Clients

As a veterinary healthcare facility, we are an essential business and will remain available to treat your pet. At this time, only team members will be able to enter the building, but we will provide concierge curbside service to you and your pet from the comfort of your vehicle while wearing a mask. We request that you wear a mask during interactions as well, for your protection and safety.

When you arrive, please CALL us from your vehicle at 210-496-1315. We will check your pet in, and a veterinary assistant will obtain a full medical history from you over the phone . An assistant will then collect your pet from the comfort of your vehicle. A doctor will provide a full physical examination and develop a plan for care. We will be in contact with you again by phone to explain the findings and present the plan and to make sure it meets with your approval. Once we have all agreed to a plan, we will move forward with your pet’s treatments, and then return your pet to you. If you are more comfortable at home, we can arrange a pick up time later in the day while you wait at home. Same day boarding for drop off appointments is complimentary but available based on a space available basis.

Food, Medication, and Supplies:

You may call ahead to order or refill any food or medications. Upon arrival, call 210-496-1315 and we will deliver the medications and food to your vehicle. We can also mail medications. These are also available via our online store, through our website www.northernoaksvet.com and will be delivered directly to your door.

MOST IMPORTANTLY: If You Are Ill, Remain Home – Please do not take risks or place anyone else at risk. If you feel symptomatic, have a cough, shortness of breath or have had risk of exposure, please remain home.

Together, we will continue to care for all of our pets and keep everyone safe. Our commitment to ongoing healthcare in the face of emerging issues will not waver. We will adapt and remain available for any needs you and your pet may have.

Together, we will get through this. Please call us with any concerns.

Dr. Becka Byrd
And the Team of
Northern Oaks Bird & Animal Hospital