The Unique Needs of Reptile & Amphibian Care

Reptiles and amphibians are unique pets with unique behaviors. There are no "starter" reptiles and they are very complex pets to care for. Reptiles and amphibians require particular environments and diets that mimic their wild habitat. Without proper husbandry, reptiles and amphibians become very ill. Before purchasing a scaly or slick companion, research to ensure you have the resources to meet all their unique needs.

Reptile & Amphibian Wellness Examinations

Reptiles and amphibians must be seen by our skilled veterinarians at least once a year. Regular veterinary care helps us detect issues right away so we can address and treat them quickly. The examination will always involve asking you about their home life, living conditions, handling, and diet. Please ask us any questions you have about their health needs or behaviors you have seen.


What Will A Reptile or Amphibian Examination Include?

  • Physical examination
  • Weight measurements
  • Fecal analysis
  • Blood work +/-
  • Review of husbandry, care and diet

NOTE: Please do not rely on internet or blog advice for diet and housing. Each reptile has very unique requirements for it's individual needs. Allow us to help your pet to flourish with evidence based nutritional and environmental advice.