How Acupuncture Helps

Acupuncture effectively treats a variety of common cat health issues and most cats tolerate treatments very well. Acupuncture is often used in conjunction with Western methods of medical care, ranging from diet recommendations to prescription medications to surgical procedures. Acupuncture directly addresses one of the most important and hardest to measure aspects of cat care, pain relief. Cats are incredibly adept at hiding pain and downplay their weaknesses. Humans naturally talk about and seek solutions for their pain, while cats do not, leading cat owners to often overlook pain in their cats because cats simply hide it well.

Conditions Cat Acupuncture Can Treat

At our hospitals, our Certified Acupuncture Veterinarians use traditional methods of veterinary medicine to diagnose the condition of your cat. After our veterinary staff has performed any medical examinations deemed necessary to reach an accurate diagnosis, acupuncture may be recommended to treat conditions such as:

  • Chronic pain
  • Arthritic conditions
  • Kidney and liver disease
  • Gastrointestinal disease
  • Asthma
  • Arthritis in the spine, neck and lower limbs
  • Metabolic diseases, such as kidney disease, to help to slow down the progression
  • Appetite stimulation, which is important if he or she has kidney disease, cancer or other chronic disease
  • Inflammatory bowel disease
  • Pain management, pain relief, or muscle spasms

What Will An Acupuncture Session Be Like For My Cat?

Most cats tolerate acupuncture sessions very well. Our goal is for cats to be comfortable throughout the session, and cats often fall asleep. The needles are very small and slide easily into the skin. Through training, our Certified Acupuncture Veterinarians have learned exactly how to administer acupuncture without stimulating any pain response. For some cats, electrostimulation will be used, as well, to stimulate the nerve endings. Once acupuncture needles have been inserted, they will remain in place for about 5-12 minutes depending upon the condition that is being treated. After enough time has passed, the needles are removed, and the cat is free to go home.

How Soon Will My Cat Experience Results?

Some cats will experience relief after their very first cat acupuncture session. It is very common for cat owners to report to us that their cats have returned home with a healthy appetite and seemingly rejuvenated physical abilities. However, when treating chronic conditions, more commonly, it may take a number of consistent acupuncture treatments before significant progress can be seen.

Schedule A Cat Acupuncture Appointment

Some cats respond immediately to acupuncture, but more often it takes several consistent acupuncture sessions for improvements to become noticeable. It is our job to accurately diagnose your cat's medical condition and to make certain that you understand the prognosis and treatment recommendation. Prior to beginning an acupuncture treatment or series of treatments, one of our Certified Acupuncture Veterinarians will discuss our recommendation with you so that you have a complete picture of the treatment regimen that is being proposed.

As always, we are here to help you understand what is in the best interest of your cat and to make an informed decision about how to proceed.