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Rabbit Wellness Examinations

Rabbits are prey animals. Their lives in the wild consist of constant vigilance for predators and instincts that drive them to hide any vulnerability. They conceal illness and injury until they no longer can, in an effort to make themselves appear invulnerable. They also gave delicate spines and need sensitive handling to prevent injury.

Preventative wellness examinations are crucial to the health of your rabbit. We recommend annual exams for younger rabbits and biannual exams for rabbits over the age of 5.

What Will My Rabbit Wellness Exam Include?

Bunny Laser Therapy

  • Physical exam
  • Weight measurement
  • Fecal parasite test
  • Bloodwork +/-
  • RHDV Combo Vaccine
  • Dental assessment
  • Review of husbandry, care and diet

**NOTE: Please do not rely on the internet or blogs for feeding advice. The internet is full of misinformation. Rabbits have extremely delicate gastrointestinal systems and can only tolerate specific diets. Ask us for research and evidence based information to help you extend your bunny's life.