NEST Pet Retreat

Grand Opening October/November 2021!

We look forward to meeting you and your pet very soon.


Let Us Introduce You to Your Pet's Home Away From Home

What separates NEST from the rest? We provide an elevated boarding experience for your pet where exceptional pets receive exceptional care. We are passionate about our vision to provide a unique experience for every pet, and catering to their needs in a way that leaves them wanting to come back to stay with us again and again. If you have never boarded your pet before, we invite you to come and tour our NEST. We want to ensure that we are the right match for you and your pet. We want you to feel comfortable with the level of care and attention we provide and we want your pet to feel comfortable while you're away.


What Makes NEST Unique?

  • Specialized attention for each pet
  • On-site NEST sitter (our unique version of a pet sitter) present 24 hours a day to ensure Dog Nesters, Cat Nesters and Exotic Pet Nesters are well-cared for all night long while they are safely ensconced while boarding in their own snuggery
  • Abundant natural light throughout NEST with climate controlled completely indoor Nests
  • 4 separate neighborhoods for dogs: The Elms, The Live Oaks, The Treehouse and The Magnolias Enhanced Luxury Suites
  • The Forest, a space designed specifically for exotic pets to enjoy their stay with us and accommodate their unique needs
  • Kitty Arbor, a separated neighborhood for kitties only to enjoy their vacation
  • A delightfully designed lounge and playroom for cats who prefer to stretch their legs and explore some toys during their stay in Kitty Arbor
  • 3 Indoor playrooms for dogs and separated yards to allow for small groups, water play and rotational play activities
  • "Upgrades" elsewhere are included in a pet's time at NEST
  • Rotational group play during Playcare (our version of doggy daycare) is divided into small groups of 10-12 dogs
  • Directed enrichment activities and private playtimes are part of the daily rotational schedule to help keep smart dogs engaged
  • No mass playgroups
  • A cage-free facility that has been thoughtfully designed. Nestominiums for kitties and plush style Nests for dogs, with the option for additional luxury enhancements. 
  • Unique boutique containing carefully curated items to exemplify the stylish southern life your pet leads
  • We gladly welcome special needs pets and pets with injectable medications or need for fluid administration


Service Offerings

  • Day Retreat Nesting (for dogs and cats that just need a day out of the house to relax or day board)
  • Overnight Dog Nesting in a glass-fronted, posh and spacious run (Our version of dog boarding) in one of our three neighborhoods, The Live Oaks, The Elms or The Tree House. Dog Nests feature elevated beds, soft bedding, music and hypoallergenic dishes. Includes afternoon playcare activities and medication administration if needed*
  • Enhanced Luxury Overnight Dog Nesting in a private enclosed suite in The Magnolias Neighborhood. Private suites feature elevated beds, plush bedding, soft blankets, a raised platform shelf to watch goings on or nap, clinically proven dog relaxing music, and individual televisions set to their favorite station. Suites available with interior view or outside view. Includes afternoon playcare activities and medication administration if needed.*
  • Overnight Cat Nesting in a private Nestominium (our version of cat boarding) in Kitty Arbor, a light-filled neighborhood designed for peace of mind for our cat guests. This space is entirely enclosed and separate from noisy Nesters. We are proud to follow the guidelines of the American Association of Feline Practitioners (AAFP) Certified Cat Friendly Practices, including utilizing Feliway pheromone plug ins to ease stress
  • Overnight Exotic Pet Nesting (our version of exotic pet boarding) in the Forest neighborhood. Pets in this sunshine bathed space do best with their own enclosures from home, their regular food and their own heating elements, if needed. The Forest is separate from other Nesting areas to promote calm in our Exotic Nesters.


Let us know how we can enhance your pet's stay with us!