Bird Wellness Examinations

We recommend performing examinations on birds every year, but strongly encourage biannual exams. Birds, unfortunately, hide illnesses until they are no longer capable of doing so because they are prey animals. They disguise conditions until very advanced and, therefore, much more difficult to treat. BY the time they show signs of illness, they have been sick for a while.

Preventative examinations help us to detect diseases early when we can treat them more easily.

What will a bird wellness examination include?

A typical avian wellness examination with your bird will include:

Sun Conure

  • Physical examination
  • Weight measurement
  • Fecal analysis
  • Bloodwork +/-
  • Review of husbandry, care and diet
  • Wing, Beak or Nail Trim as Desired
  • Band Assessment or Removal, if Needed

NOTE: Please do not rely on the internet or blogs for nutrition advice as there is much misinformation about birds and their needs. We are happy to provide research and evidence based nutritional advice for each species of bird to help them live their happiest lives.

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