Patient Care Assistant

With a desire to be around more than just the animals at her home, Claire is thrilled to be surrounded by all the animals she can be at Northern Oaks, whenever she is not working as a full time student.


Veterinary Assistant

Kristen joined the team at Northern Oaks in 2016. She was new to the field but felt it was a terrific fit for her. She has a passion for caring for animals and this position has allowed her to explore this field as a new career. Kristen is married with four children, 3 boys and a girl.


Veterinary Assistant

Carolyn joined Northern Oaks Bird and Animal Hospital in 2017. She plans to pursue a career in the veterinary field and obtain her Licensed VeterinaryTechnician degree. She has a pup named Zoe and a sweet rat named Jerry.


Veterinary Assistant

Fallon joined the team at Northern Oaks Bird and Animal Hospital in 2018. She started as a kennel assistant and was promoted to veterinary assistant in 2019. She is attending Northwest Vista College and studying biology.


Veterinary Assistant

Cassidy is fulfilling her dream of working with animals by being a part of Northern Oaks Bird & Animal Hospital. She has enjoyed helping them, both in and out of the hospital, for as long as she can remember.


Veterinary Assistant

Alyssa is passionate about the care of animals and loves to treat them like her own family. She is extremely interested in veterinary medicine and has a keen interest in all of the procedures and activities in the Hospital.