Cat Nutrition and Diets

Cat nutrition is very important for general health. However, the plethora of dietary options, brands, and formulas available to consumers can be confusing, when deciding which kind of cat food is best for your cat friend’s health and wellness.

At our hospitals, we are obsessed with nutrition and take pride in providing our patients and their human caretakers with all the information necessary to help cat owners make educated decisions about all facets of cat nutrition, cat foods included. This is also why we have access to certified veterinary nutritionists at our practice.

The overall balance of a cat’s diet is affected not only by the levels of individual ingredients, but each individual mineral and also by the interactions between them. For this reason, we recommend consulting a veterinarian or veterinary nutritionist when choosing cat food, or cat food supplementation and steering clear of the internet and the plethora of confusing and often contradictory information.

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