Our Team

Compassionate Comprehensive Care

Here at Northern Oaks Bird & Animal Hospital, it’s our caring and compassionate staff that really make the difference. If you’re an existing client, come learn a little about who helped you and your pet on your last visit. If you’re a new client, find out about the wonderful staff who are waiting to help you and your furry, feathered or scaly friend.

Dr. Becka Byrd


Dr. S. Rebekah Byrd received her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree from Texas A&M University in 1997. While attending veterinary school, she also completed her Master of Science degree in 1995. In 2016 Dr. Byrd completed her cMAV, certified veterinary acupuncturist training. Prior to that she earned a Bachelor of Science in both Animal Science and Veterinary Science.

Dr. Byrd was an associate veterinarian at Northern Oaks Bird and Animal Hospital for three years prior to purchasing the practice in 2000. Her special interests include internal medicine and avian and small exotic animal medicine. She truly cannot remember ever wanting to grow up to be anything but a veterinarian. This is who she was always meant to be.

She is a member of the American Veterinary Medical Association, the Texas Veterinary Medical Association, member and past-president of the Veterinary Medical Association of Bexar County, the Association of Avian Veterinarians, and the American Animal Hospital Association. In addition to her three children and husband, her family includes three large dogs and four cats.

Dr. Maria Martinez-Diaz

Associate Veterinarian

Dr. Maria Martinez-Diaz is a graduate of Texas A&M University and the Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine. Since the time of her graduation she has been working in a small and exotic animal practice and has experience managing a very diverse and interesting caseload. Her interests include dentistry and internal medicine.

Originally from Puerto Rico, Dr. Martinez-Diaz is fluent in Spanish as well as English. She is a member of the American Veterinary Medical Association as well as Veterinary Medical Association of Bexar County. She enjoys spending time outdoors, loves crossfit, salsa dancing and spending time with her dogs, Ginger and Roo.

Dr. Nicolle Ramirez

Associate Veterinarian

Dr. Nicolle Ramirez earned her Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine from St. George’s University. She previously received her Bachelor’s Degree in Animal Science from Texas A&M University in 2015. She is fluent in both Spanish and English.

Dr. Ramirez has a special interest in wildlife and exotic medicine, dentistry, and dermatology. She is a member of the American Veterinary Medical Association and the Association of Reptilian and Amphibian Veterinarians.

She is the proud mom of a Dutch Shepherd, Zafiro, and a ball python, Kofi. Her hobbies include dancing, hiking, traveling and learning new languages.


Licensed Veterinary Technician

Jessica joined our health care team in 1997 while in high school. She has been the lead technician of Northern Oaks since 2007. Jessica is a Licensed Veterinary Technician, having earned her degree through an AAHA accredited school in 2012. Her special interests include dentistry and radiology. Jessica and her husband have two boys and two dogs. She enjoys gardening and spending time with her family.


Licensed Veterinary Technician

Nikki has been with Northern Oaks since 2012. She started as an assistant and was promoted to veterinary technician in 2016. She completed her Licensed Veterinary Technician degree through Cedar Valley College. She would eventually like to pursue a veterinary radiology specialty field. She has converted her fiancé into an animal lover and together they have a cat named Zane, another named T’Challa and a dog named Kratos. She loves being active outside or working out in the gym but is mostly a homebody.



Abby has been in the veterinary field since she began working for Northern Oaks as an intern in high school. Since graduating high school she has enrolled at UTSA to study Biology. She is also co-enrolled in a Licenced Veterinary Technician Degree program. She enjoys spending time with her two dogs, and Darth Vader.



Joeann joined the Northern Oaks team in 2012 as a kennel tech during her Senior year in high school. She was promoted to assistant shortly thereafter and has since been promoted to technician in 2017. She has always loved animals and enjoys coming to work and doing everything she can to help the many pets seen at Northern Oaks. Outside of work she loves to watch movies, spend time with her boyfriend and her two dogs, Blitz and Jasper. Working with animals is her passion and she is currently pursuing her degree to become a Licensed Veterinary Technician.


Practice Manager

Dianna joined our Northern Oaks family in 2019 as Practice Manager. She has worked in the veterinary field and client care services for 20 years. She is committed to providing our patients with the best care possible and our clients with exceptional customer service. She not only wants pets to feel safe, she wants owners to feel comfortable. Dianna feels very fortunate to have found a team that is passionate about providing that level of care. When she is not at work, she enjoys spending time with her husband, 5 children and 2 dogs, Izzy and Java.


Client Care Specialist

Amy has worked in the Veterinary field for over 19 years. She joined the Northern Oaks team in 2014 as an Assistant and has since become a Client Care Specialist. She has two dogs, two birds and a horse. She enjoys watching horror movies and spending time with her fur and feather babies.


Client Care Specialist

Alison joined the Northern Oaks team in 2017 after raising her two kids. One now lives in Dallas and the other in Lubbock. She and her husband love being empty nesters. They enjoy taking road trips, watching football, going for walks and hanging out with their five cats. She enjoys getting to know all our wonderful clients and their fur babies.


Client Care Specialist

Megan joined our team in 2018 and has been working in the Veterinary field for 5 years. Megan has two very handsome dogs – Gator, a very spunky Boston Terrier and Fenway, her prima donna Pit mix. In her spare time she enjoys traveling, baking, and volunteering at spay and neuter clinics.


Client Care Specialist

Victoria loves working in the veterinary field.  She joined the Northern Oaks team in Sept. 2020, and has a special place in her heart for reptiles.  She is married and has a son. Her pets include her dog Zoey, a red foot tortoise, a bearded dragon, a leopard gecko, and a Pac Man frog.  She is working towards her degree in biology and enjoys gardening, online shopping & spending time with family.


Veterinary Assistant

Kristen joined the team at Northern Oaks in 2016. She was new to the field but felt it was a terrific fit for her. She has a passion for caring for animals and this position has allowed her to explore this field as a new career. Kristen is married with four children, 3 boys and a girl. She has a miniature Schnauzer named Duncan, a Corn snake named Einstein and a Chinchilla named Cosmo. They have added a new member recently named Harvey, an American Bulldog mix. In her spare time she enjoys relaxing with her family and pets.


Veterinary Assistant

Carolyn joined Northern Oaks Bird and Animal Hospital in 2017. She plans to pursue a career in the veterinary field and obtain her Licensed VeterinaryTechnician degree. She has a pup named Zoe and a sweet rat named Jerry. When not working or studying, she loves to spend free time with her friends and family.


Veterinary Assistant

Fallon joined the team at Northern Oaks Bird and Animal Hospital in 2018. She started as a kennel assistant and was promoted to veterinary assistant in 2019. She is attending Northwest Vista College and studying biology. Fallon has always loved surrounding herself with animals ever since she was a child. She enjoys drawing and spending time with her cat, Ramen.


Veterinary Assistant

Cassidy is fulfilling her dream of working with animals by being a part of Northern Oaks Bird & Animal Hospital. She has enjoyed helping them, both in and out of the hospital, for as long as she can remember. Cassidy is also pursuing a bachelor’s degree in biology at Lakeview Community College. When she is not working or studying, she enjoys spending time with her two dogs, Miley, a miniature dachshund and Starboy, a beagle-corgi cross. She also loves to hang out with her family and go dancing with friends.


Veterinary Assistant

Alyssa is passionate about the care of animals and loves to treat them like her own family. She is extremely interested in veterinary medicine and has a keen interest in all of the procedures and activities in the Hospital. She enjoys having fun with her family and her four fur-babies; Hazel, Jill, Jax, and Thor.



Lori has been grooming pets for 11 years. She attends continuing education to stay abreast of new and interesting techniques she can bring to Northern Oaks in our grooming department. Lori is married with two beautiful girls. She has two dogs, Penny, a silky mix and Kisa, an Applehead Chihuahua.

Alicia Leal


Alicia is excited to meet and style your pet. She has experience with multiple breeds and loves to work with the newest techniques available to help your pet look and feel their best. To her, every pet is special. She has 3 dogs of her own that she dearly loves and is married to a wonderful man.


Office Diva

Daphne has been a member of Northern Oaks Bird & Animal Hospital for approximately 8 years. Her position involves training new employees to adhere to her demands and managing the flow of paperwork. Her daily routine involves breakfast with Kristen. Then its on to reception where she is needed to assist in checking in patients. She then moves on to Amy’s lap for loving. Luckily Amy and Leah are well trained. Leah sometimes needs her assistance in holding down paperwork. Daphne obliges only because she knows she will then rub her head. Her assistance is always needed upstairs. The “manager” needs assistance with her paperwork as well. Daphne has stated that she is not sure the manager could accomplish anything if she weren’t in the middle of her desk through the morning. By mid-day she graces reception with her presence again. The afternoon is spent sunning by the window and watching the birds. If the receptionists are getting out of hand she assists again by sitting on their papers. She is incredibly busy, as you can see. Northern Oaks would likely fall apart without her assistance. There is even a song about her.


Kitten Greeter Emeritus (2009-2020 RIP)

Samuel is the most handsome and loved cat in the hospital. He has been with Northern Oaks since he was about five. He is the Official Kitten Greeter of the hospital. He delights in showing the new kids around the treatment area and making them feel safe. Samuel was abandoned and thus he knows how very scary it can be in a new place. He enjoys the company of the team. He has recently expanded his territory to the reception area and upstairs on the manager’s desk. They love it when he knocks their papers off the desk or steals their food. He is given treats on request and loves having his head scratched. He receives the most amazing hair style by Dr. Byrd and has been featured on our website and emails numerous times. When his roaming and kitten greeting have been done for the day, he retires to his perch to watch over the treatment area. He is always willing to eat and will accompany anyone that offers. He is a really nice guy.


Feline Freeloader

Cranberry joined the Northern Oaks Staff in November of 2017 as a pregnant stray. It was soon discovered that Cranberry was not pregnant, but simply suffered from parasite overload. She has lived in the hospital since that time as a foster kitty until she can enter her new home with Dr. Byrd’s daughter after she moves out of the college dorm. In the meantime, Cranberry likes to lounge on cardboard boxes, snack on everyone’s lunch when they have turned away and play with catnip mousies.